What Millennials Want to See (and Take Home) From Branded Events

Want to successfully target and grab the attention of the millennials? Here are some tips on what they want to see during sponsored events! 

Most millennial partygoers attend brand-sponsored events for the entertainment.   Illustration: Carlos Monteiro

Most millennial partygoers attend brand-sponsored events for the entertainment. Illustration: Carlos Monteiro


Everyone loves a good party, and brands know that. As more events are sponsored, the ways that brands interact with partygoers before and after is becoming more important.

Splash, creator of experiential marketing software, mined its data for trends among millennial partiers who attend branded events.

"The brands winning over the millennial generation are delivering experiences, not just things," said Ben Hindman, co-founder, CEO of Splash. "The savviest marketers understand the crucial link between events and brand loyalty—particularly when it comes to millennials. If you're not creating experiences and memories, you're not building anything." 

We think this is pretty interesting!

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