The Power of a Socially Engaged Event

New expectations for brands and event organizers

Nothing highlights the incredible opportunity for brands and event organizers like a socially-engaged event. While social media is widely acknowledged as a great amplifier of face-to-face marketing, the opportunity to better connect in person and create richer, more authentic, and targeted experiences should be part of how all organizers approach their events.

The momentum is already going this way, as event experiences are what people want to socialize about. It’s the culmination of those with a common bond. Do you ever see people share that they are sitting at their desk? Never. They don’t blog and take selfies about regular days, they do it when they are participating. People want to brag about where they go and what they do. And this is not just Millennials, it's everyone.

If you aren’t monitoring Twitter and other feeds, its time to adapt immediately. Be prepared and recognize the need to personalize.

A recent program for an up-and-coming technology client is a perfect example.

First, they created a physical destination for their social engagement. The event had a Twitter board that rocked with hundreds of tweets per hour. More important than using the channel to promote, the brand used social channels to listen and make immediate improvements on everything from the temperature and sound, to the lunch schedule, to moving session times, to repeating sessions! All launched from an existing technology; it cost them nothing.

There was plenty of amplification. When keynote presenter Martha Stewart came out, it was to a smattering of applause because everyone was quickly taking a selfie with her in the background! Small claps but thunderous online applause. The selfie is the modern autograph. Added: Fotobox Malaysia and Australia. focuses it's values on capitalising event engagement through Mobsta. Being able to engage event attendees Anywhere and anytime helps brands improve the level of participations on social media. Mobsta is ideal to make an impact through selfies for brands.

Transparency has its advantages and disadvantages. One important aspect of a socially-engaged event? You better be ready for the feedback. Nothing will expose deficiencies – or opportunities – in the event experience like social media. Make sure your event is on point with everything from strategy, marketing, creative, and logistics, or you’ll hear all about it (and that might help you too).


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