Enter the advent of digital photography and selfies

Simple instant gratification. This is what society now demands at every turn, with the rise of lightning speed internet connections, smart phones that connect to the internet and thousands of people within mere seconds, and a myriad of other technological advances that purportedly make our lives so much easier.    

The fastest way to share what you’re doing, where you are, and who you’re with today is not by calling someone – it’s by snapping a picture and uploading it onto a social networking site.  

This is where Mobsta comes in. Invented and designed by the Fotobox team founded by Jason Ang, Mobsta is essentially a portable photo engagement tool that allows  brands and event organizers to reach into spaces not covered by the main floor of the event. Guests can snap pictures, customize and share them on social media, as well as head to the nearest stationary printing station to get the physical prints. Because Mobsta is so highly portable, it can be brought virtually anywhere within a shopping mall, indoor or outdoor venue that an event is being held at.     

Design is as important as functionality

Mobsta is effective in drawing visitors in that it is capable of doubling or even tripling the amount of data collected and social traffic directed to any one brand. Because the device is so lightweight, connects via 4G and most importantly, sports a unique dome-shaped design that’s both futuristic and eye-catching. Design is as important as functionality, as super-brand Apple has proven to the world over and over in the past two decades. Thus, a huge amount of time and effort has been spent on designing Mobsta to ensure that it is not just useful, but attractive as well.    

Brands and organizers in Malaysia that have used Mobsta include brand giants GAP, Tory Burch, Superdry and Guess. For these campaigns, results tallied by  Fotobox showed that Mobsta succeeded in doubling ROI on brand exposure, consumer engagement, data collection and Facebook/Instagram traffic.      

Traditionally, events could only reach out to a certain number of people who happened to walk close by, but there would always be those that were missed owing to the simple fact that they did not come anywhere near the event area. With Mobsta, one can theoretically reach every single corner of a shopping mall, for instance, by employing brand ambassadors to roam around the entire floor area to capture all potential customers.

Even regular closed-door events held in a large space can be conquered by Mobsta – it’s designed to reach out to up to 90% of the attendees in the shortest time frame.     

Simply put, Mobsta is as Blue Ocean as it comes. Fotobox were the first to invent and launch a portable solution which boosts consumer engagement by leaps and bounds, so we can all be sure that this isn’t where they’re stopping. In fact, it’s only beginning – the best is yet to come!

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